President’s Message

President’s Message

The status of associations in economic and social making in Iran is well established and their presence is clearly outlined in the current national laws. During the recent 50 years, the associations have grown both qualitatively and quantitatively and they are now committed to interact with both their members in one hand and the government on the other hand to carry out the macroeconomic policies in order to achieve the pre-defined sets of goals and objectives. In order to expand the scope of association activities, the government or other administrative authorities are actively present. On the general new policies of the nation, it has been expressed that over years, part of government authority is going to be transferred to the unions and associations. Also it has specifically been articulated that the associations should be more active in lawmaking, in revision of present rules and regulation, and in helping reformation and improvement of the procedures.

Formed to preserve the legal rights and privileges of the members as well as to improve the financial status of the employers in this trade, association of manufacturers of electric lights in Iran is now 13 years old. During terms of membership, those selected members have done their best to revive the rights of the members as a whole, as well as solving the disputes among the member or other outsider. The association has held a number of seminars, conferences and technical courses to raise the level of technical knowledge of the members including both managers and working staff of the associate companies. Objectives of the association 1. Struggle to reach new horizons in entrepreneurship, income creation and strengthening financial basis of the associate companies 2. Encouraging the associates to get new standards 3. Strengthening export capabilities to access the markets of regional countries 4. Creating new educational potentials by inviting academicians and other private sector experts 5. Supporting the domestic industries by preventing undue import of lighting products 6. preventing filthy competitions while improving the quality of the products 7. Cooperation with other government organizations interrelated to lighting industry 8. Supporting problem solving and efforts for creating rapport among the members 9. Attempting for qualitative and quantitative growth Finally, I express my heartfull appreciations and thank the authorities in the ministry of industry, Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Energy, Tavanir Company, regional and provincial power supply companies, as well as those professionals who supported us in developing and making the lighting industry to progress in Iran.

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